South Korean electronics giant LG is all set to unveil their latest flagship V30 on this coming 31st August at the IFA trade show to be held in Berlin. While we have already managed to gather some information regarding this V30, a very recent report confirms that this device will integrate a big 6 inch OLED full vision display.

So, the display of V30 will be larger than its predecessor which had a 5.7inch display. But the interesting fact is this Smartphone will be smaller than V20 due to the reduced bezel. LG has reduced the bezel in V30 by 20 and 50 percent at the top and bottom.

LG V30 will integrate A Full Vision OLED Display
LG V30 will integrate A Full Vision OLED Display

However, this is not the first device from LG to get an OLED display rather G Flex in 2013 and G Flex 2 is 2015 too was integrated with the same OLED display and now after two and half years the same display is being brought by LG. But this time the OLED display is used for a mass produced Smartphone V30.

Features of V30

All the said features of this OLED display of V30 are listed here.

  • This is a full vision display of 6 inch which has 18:9 aspect ratio.
  • The screen has a resolution of 1440X2880 while the 4.15 million pixels will make things much clearer.
  • It is said to support 109 percent of DCI P3 color space while it will be 148 percent based on the sRGB standard.
  • The better contrast ratio is another feature as it supports HDR10.
  • The screen is protected with Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5 which offers extra durability due to the shatter – resistance technology.
  • The outer glass will have a curve at the four corners so that the screen and phone will be felt as one.

Another notable difference is the location of LG logo. This will be situated at the back side to make the front part as all screen.


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