LG fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming high-end smartphone from LG, the LG V30. Numerous leaks and rumors earlier helped us to gather some of the specification about this device while a new leak has confirmed that it is going to be the first ever Smartphone to feature a large f/1.6 lens.

So, the camera is the biggest selling point of the upcoming LG device V30 definitely.

LG's V30 To Be The First Ever Smartphone Featuring A Large F/1.6 Lens
LG’s V30 To Be The First Ever Smartphone Featuring A Large F/1.6 Lens

Have a look here why the camera is being claimed as the biggest selling point.

  • V30 will sport the wider aperture of f/1.6 to create a brighter image.
  • The added glass lens in the internal construction of the camera is also responsible to deliver an excellent and sharp image.
  • The wide angle camera reduces edge distortion of the images.

So, all these points indicate that V30 will eliminate the need to carry a camera along with you rather it is high enough to capture the memory greatly. However, we are not sure if this aperture will be applied for both the camera.

Anyways, the camera is not just the main attraction of the device rather the display too is very unique. The display of V30 will be the plastic OLED Full Vision display. It will be 6 inches having an aspect ratio of 2:1 while the resolution will be really high enough 2,880 x 1,440. One interesting fact about the upcoming LG V30 is, though it has a bigger 6-inch display than its predecessor but it is smaller than LG V20. Well, the reason is reduced bezel.

LG V30 is all set to be released by the company this coming August 31st at IFA in Berlin. So, wait till 31st August to know all the details of this device. While LG V10 had a great camera, LG V20 carried excellent sound quality, their successor will be the one to maintain both.


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