LG G5 has recently changed their promotional and selling strategy after launching their most popular ‘G’ Series. The company is trying to navigate the relatively uncharted waters of modularity with this latest phone. Rather than trying to entice consumers into shelling out for regular upgrades, it has a feature that uses add-ons to improve phone’s functionality.

It is similar to a function of Nintendo Gameboy with the User-Friendly Plug-in feature. The company tries to make people excited.

LG’s New ‘Friends’ Feature
LG’s New ‘Friends’ Feature

The Director of Communication Frank Lee has said:

We noticed the excitement that people once had for their smartphone has waned a bit, and there’s this unmet need you have for something that is new, yet original and interesting. Think about it. When was the last time you truly got excited about a smartphone?

To feature a working modular device, LG has bragging rights as the first major smartphone maker. The Apple and Samsung are the giant smartphone manufacturing companies which are the major threat for LG.

Therefore, the company has decided to change their selling strategy. Taking an add-on approach to the mobile experience, G5 is the first mainstream smartphone to put an emphasis on such unique features.

The 5.3 QUAD HD display and many other features of this phone are similar to its siblings. Therefore, ‘Friends’ feature has been added into this handset. All we can say that it is quite difficult to convince buyers for spending such whopping amount of money of money only for this feature.


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