LG is gearing up for the launch of its second flagship LG V30 on August 31.The company has already started to send out invites which is to be held in Berlin. The LG V30 will be launched in this event. The smartphone features a Full-Vision display with a V-shape hinting as seen on the invites.

It was stated earlier that the LG V30 would be launched before IFA 2017 which is August 31, happens to be in line with the rumor. The leaked descriptions say that the smartphones metal and glass design somewhat resembles the LG G6 that was released earlier this year. This model of LG will be the first to feature an OLED panel which Google unintentionally confirmed in their developer conference that took place this May.

LG V30 to be Unveiled on August 31
LG V30 to be Unveiled on August 31

The secondary display will not be present in the V30 as the earlier V series flagships have usually dawned. It is said that it would feature a 6-inch display with thinner bezels. The phone will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chipset and may have a RAM of 4 GB and a storage capacity of 128 GB.

V30 is tipped to have a dual camera setup and a fingerprint scanner at the back. The smartphone is likely to have a glass back which means that it would support wireless charging. V30 would use a Type-C port for charging and would be equipped with 3.5mm audio jack.

In the earlier V series LG used a secondary display so it could differentiate from the G-series flagship but the LG V30 would not be featuring any secondary display so how would this be different from the G6 is a question that would in answered on August 31 in Berlin when LG would unveil the flagship V60.


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