The release date of LG V20 is not a month away and excitement keeps growing with the reveal of new features in this flagship device. Earlier it was stated that LG V20 will be the first Android-powered device to run on Android’s latest version, 7.0 Nougat.

While a user agent from the company reaffirmed the news, another news about the handset made it clear that this is something worth waiting.

The South Korean company has stated on 11th August that they have teamed up ESS Technology in order to integrate the 32-bit Quad DAC technology in the upcoming device. So, LG V20 will be world’s first Smartphone to include this technology. Quad DAC, digital to analog converter will bring premium audio experience in the device.

LG V20, The First Device To Include 32-Bit Quad DAC Technology
LG V20, The First Device To Include 32-Bit Quad DAC Technology

According to the CEO and President of ESS Technology, Robert Blair, they are extremely happy to feature the Quad DAC Technology in LG V20 headset and it will make the Smartphone users feel that they are carrying a home-audio system along with them. The sound quality is excellent, much like the live performance. The sound quality of Quad DAC is much better than that of a regular DAC as it eliminates 50% of the ambient noise level.

The company LG believes that integrating a more improved audio system in the handset was really needed with the increase in multimedia consumption. Improved processor, bigger screen are the common demand while according to the company, users were looking for rather something more than just the bigger screen and improved performance.

This handset is all set to make its debut on September 6th in San Francisco and you can expect it on the shelves by the fourth quarter in 2016. So, just a few more days to go and get a real glimpse at the most awaiting LG V20.


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