LG’s new flagship device, LG G5, is regarded as one of the most innovative and promising smartphones to come. Yet the South Korean giant wants to make sure its new creation will not go unnoticed. How they managed to do that? Well, they hired about 40 Jason Statham.

It’s not necessarily true, but quite close. LG has commissioned the ad, where the star of Adrenalin, Transports and The Expandables has played a multitude of roles. Can you image Statham as a toddler? A hilarious hipster? An old guy? A respectable lady? Have no trouble now, as LG has filmed it all and much more in its new promo-video. To put in short, Statham in funny and slick way expressing the hype behind Korean shiny new device, by impersonating different kind of people.

It is really all you need. Catchy, simple and short, this ad makes you laugh most of all. It checks all the boxes. Right now, especially in mobile social networks, there is no need to tell a long story. Sometimes you don’t even need a story. But you need to give an impression, people want to feel the thing. This is engaging, especially when young auditory is concerned.

Over half a million people watched the clip during the first day on YouTube alone. We definitely know that LG can engineer an incredible and high-quality smartphones. But with this video they show that they can tell people about it in an amusing and entertaining way as well.


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