LG G6 phone is made for split-screen use. At MWC 2017 when other technological manufacturers are about to unveil their latest smartphones and gadgets, LG has done its preparations too. Ditching the old modular design from its smartphones, LG is all set to bring split screen in its phones. Yes, you will be able to keep 2 apps running on the screen and work!

For this, LG G6 user the display of 18:9 instead of 16:9 that is mostly used in the smartphones. When viewed in landscape mode, the screen appears little wider than normal! LG also acknowledged low sale target from the last years G5 series it introduced in the market.

LG G6 phone is made for split-screen use
LG G6 phone is made for split-screen use

The company wanted to try a different strategy to approach its customers! The device will be unveiled at MWC-Barcelona, Spain with other competitors in the market too.

LG’s new phone was also distinguished by being the first Android device announced to include Google Assistant – the search giant’s voice-controlled rival to Apple’s Siri – beyond Google’s own Pixel phone.

Well, the G6 model displays measure 5.7 inches as compared to its previous model that was just 5.3 inches. The screen is brighter with HDR Video Support Playback. The footage recorded from G6 will be more vibrant and detailed in shadows too! LG has also claimed that G6 is also dust and water resistant- well that’s something new from LG. The underwater time is up to 30 minutes only.

I’d love to be sat here now saying that the mass market had adopted it and understood it – unfortunately that wasn’t the case, we proved the concept could be done, but actually we know that [this year] we had to tick a lot of boxes like water resistance and bigger battery. And that could only be done by moving to a design that was more appealing to the masses.

Jeremy Daniels, Head of Sales for LG UK.


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