People already know how the flagship LG smartphone for the year 2017 will look like, but the specifications had not been made privy to everyone just yet. However, thanks to a report from one reputable tech website, CNET, the LG G6 is expected to be the first device outside the Pixel range which will feature the new Google Assistant capability.

The Google Assistant feature will allow users to have all the features which include the usual voice command control expected from the voice assistant on any other phone. The new addition will also mean users will be able to tap into the Google chatbot system.

New LG G6 will feature the Google Assistant platform
New LG G6 will feature the Google Assistant platform

Of interest from all this, is how even though the famed voice assistant feature has always been available on these smartphones, with Apple’s Siri most popularly known amongst tech fans and consumers, it is only of late that they have started to gain more of a leading role in pitches.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 which is expected sometime this year is said to be incorporating some high tech voice assistant which will also show that the company’s new alliance with Viv Labs, the startup which is famously known for creating Siri. However, at the moment it would be advisable for LG to get the feature from Google rather than develop their own because of finances and other problems.

According to the report by CNET, LG planned to use the Amazon assistant, Alexa but ended up leaving the idea as they thought at the time that it was not ready yet. The LG G6 would not be the first phone with the Alexa assistant though, as the recently released Huawei Mate 9 already has the Amazon product. The Amazon Alexa assistant has been featured on many devices especially house hold ones including but not limited to refrigerators, lamps and alarm clocks.

The LG G6 is also expected to feature other capabilities such as 5.7 inch display, being waterproof, a premium glass and steel design and will also have a headphone jack. The dual camera system from the LG G5 is also expected to return to the new phone, together with a fingerprint sensor on the mount. The phone is expected to be released on the 26th of February at the Mobile World Congress.


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