LG is all set to introduce its new sibling of G series in the markets. It is none other than G5. The new design of this phone is already grabbing many eyeballs. The unique modular design lets you swap in amazing accessories in LG G5. The replaceable battery, expandable storage and great rear camera are the good features of this smartphone. The overall design of this phone is however not up-to-the-mark like SG7. The phone has failed to live up to its World-Changing Swiss Army Knife Potential despite a bundle of amazing features. When it comes to battery life and processing speed, the flagship isn’t as good as GS7. But you’d find it a right choice of watching videos, browsing the internet and taking photos.

The two cameras on the back are pleasure to use while the aluminum build looks and feels great. The swapping and removing feature of G5 is unique for many smartphone users. There is portable Digital to Analog Converter that provide playback of Audio for High-Definition Sound Files is called Hi-Fi PLUS. You can attach the Cam plus Camera Grip on the back side of the Phone. The bottom Dashboard of Apps has been removed from this flagship of LG. all in all, it is not suggested to be preferred over SG7. However, the higher price difference can only attract buyers towards this phone instead of getting SG7. Unlike the design, this flagship is quite similar with their old siblings with respect to Design and Interface.