LG is a company that has been making some really good phones for the past few years, their G series is flagship series that has been doing really great and is liked by people. When they first launched the LG G2, they changed the design and the button layout that was used on other phones at that time. Instead of placing the buttons on the side, they decided to place them at the back. This was change and innovation that went in LG’s favor and they then followed the same core design in their later phones. Now it is time to launch the LG G5 and it looks like the company has decided to change the design of their phone again.

The question is what will this new design be liked by the user and whether it will have a good review or not.

LG G5: Is Change Always Better?
LG G5: Is Change Always Better?

When you look at the phone, then the first impressions that are good, it is equipped with great internals, has a great camera and a beautiful screen. When you dive deeper into the device then you start to ask yourself the question that was that necessary? The LG G5 lets you use Snap-On accessories.

The bottom part of the device is removable and when you remove it then you get access to the battery. Other external parts are available where you can Snap the battery on and insert it back. These parts can be camera accessories or something else and we will surely see more Snap-On parts later and we can only be sure then that whether LG needed to go under this change or not.


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