We’re on the verge of seeing various virtual reality headset hit the market. These headsets will endeavor to better immerse a person into the world that we’ve just looked at through the window of a TV set. The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets are expected out soon, and NASA is building another playable mission implied for these consumer headsets.

NASA, working with MIT student Sydney Do and the Florida-based media group Fusion, is preparing a Mars virtual reality experience that could develop a walk on Mars into your own place. Do’s paper on the Mars One mission conditions and achievability study got NASA’s eye and inspired the whole project. Do’s paper is additionally being used to make a realistic version of what it may be similar to for a space explorer to walk on Mars.

Beyond practical uses for training, virtual reality offers us a compelling method to share the work we’ve been doing to design sustainable human missions and to inspire the next generation of pioneers in space,

Dr. James Crusan, chief of advanced exploration systems at NASA.

Game developers are being employed to help flesh out the experience to the end user. It is said that there will be some sort of playable mission, which should include the use of a rover on the surface of Mars. This won’t be some artistic understanding of what it will be similar to be on Mars, however. Everything is intended to be a precise representation of the big red planet. If it all comes together as expected, the Mars VR experience from NASA will be available before the end of 2016.


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