If you have long planned to own a Smartphone manufactured by Lenovo, wait for few more days and be the real winner. Both the companies Microsoft and Lenovo made an agreement as per which some selected Lenovo devices will have pre-loaded Microsoft productivity apps such as Microsoft Office, Skype, and OneDrive.

This is no doubt amazing news that will help people all over the world to stay more connected and productive always. According to Nick Parker, the corporate VP of OEM division in Microsoft, they are really happy to pre-install their apps in some of the premium devices of Lenovo.

Selected Lenovo Devices Will Have Microsoft Office, Skype And OneDrive
Selected Lenovo Devices Will Have Microsoft Office, Skype, And OneDrive

Christian Eigen, the leader of Corporate Alliances Lenovo went on to state that this collaboration will create new opportunities to the customers and they can take advantage of the Microsoft productivity apps. Also, it will add extra values to the consumers around the globe. This is actually the result of a patent cross-licensing agreement made between the two companies which will cover both Lenovo and Motorola.

Details of Lenovo’s Deal With Microsoft Not Published

Microsoft has done such kind of collaboration earlier as well with companies like LG, Samsung, Xiaomi, Dell, Sony etc. as per which Microsoft will pre-load their apps and service in their Android devices. The details on Lenovo’s deal with Microsoft is not published yet, but such kind of agreement indicates that Microsoft will not be able to charge now lofty royalties to the companies that will be interested in bundling their products and services.

Lenovo still did not declare that what all devices will come under this agreement and which product from the company will be first to be shipped pre-loaded with Microsoft productivity apps. However, the plan to deliver millions of android devices for the next several years is hinted by them.


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