Lenovo, the big Chinese company, revealed a host of products in the Tech World 2016 event in San Francisco on 9th June, and some of the products they showcased are Moto Z, Moto Z Force, Lenovo Phab 2 Pro and the first consumer ready Project Tango Handset. With all these the most exciting products unveiled by the company was the C Plus Smartphone, and Folio Tablet that showed off their great innovation and Lenovo is currently said to work on this project.

Both the devices are made using flexible and bendable technology that makes Smartphone and tablet a lot more flexible. We all have heard about curved phones, but this is something really more innovative.

C Plus Smartphone, and Folio Tablet
C Plus Smartphone, and Folio Tablet

C Plus and Folio Tablet Not Only Have Bendable Display

A YouTuber was there to demonstrate the technology which first took a standard Smartphone and then wrapped it around her wrist. Later she took a tablet, fold it in half and showed how easily it can be transformed into a more suitable device for accepting calls. According to Lenovo’s CTO, Peter Hortensius, C Plus and Folio tablet both will not only have the bendable display rather those will be accompanied with bendable internal components as well. He also stated that C Plus will be available in two sizes, large and small, so users can pick up the one which will be suitable for them.

The C Plus will sport a 4.26-inch bendable display, and it will run on Android OS. Also, the device will be available in 12 different color options. However other details such as the release date of the device, its actual price, etc. are not explained, but Peter Hortensius hinted that these flexible devices will be bit costly than the average Smartphone.

Samsung, Nokia, and LG too have worked with the flexible and bendable devices, but Lenovo is the first company to come into the market.


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