For the outstanding mobile photography, Leica and Huawei announced that they’ll be working together. The very first handset that would get this advantage would be none other than Huawei P9. In the beginning, the company had decided to simply introduce it with the dual camera and a mini bundle of features as well.

The use of revered optics with the lens, 27 mm equivalent focal length and specs list with f/2.2 aperture make it worth buying the phone. The camera lenses used in this flagship under the label of German’s Manufacturer (Leica) would definitely increase its worth. The results of phone’s camera can be seen after 6th April (release date of the phone).

There are many superb features included in this phone. However, the camera is the leading spec which always remains one of the top priorities of buyers. Therefore, the smartphone manufacturers have started focusing a lot on the development of superb cameras to compete for their rival brands.

This camera feature would definitely grab the attention of many buyers. The price of the handset is yet to be announced. The typeface seems consistent with that used on the German manufacturer’s own camera lenses as it’s only logical for the phone to carry such branding. The Huawei-Leica collaboration seems to last for long as there is no doubt about the reputation ad top quality cameras of Leica.

Chinese biggest smartphone manufacturers have already made a mark in the home country. However, the company needs to work more for securing a good position in the global smartphone industry.


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