Lego stands at the highest position in the world at the parameters of the test of time. Similarly, only a few icons of the popular culture have been as memorable and pervasive as the Batmobile.

From the older versions of the campy realism to the modern militaristic tank, Batman’s fighting crime has taken several forms over the years. In the recent release of the “The Lego Batman Movie“, Chevrolet and other scholars of the Detroit’s Cody Rouge community, “A World in Motion” along with the First Lego League has created a Lego Batmobile.

Batmobile is definitely the best
Batmobile is definitely the best

It has been an amazing experience when a group has created a 1:1 scale version of any car with the use of Lego, but Batmobile is definitely the best. This version of the Batmobile is definitely more fun and crazy than the recent versions of the films. The greatest features offered by this car include giant wheels, giant wings, and a massive bat hood decoration. The car is also equipped with all sorts of gadgets for identifying crime-fighting.

The raw statistics of the full-size Lego kit are simply amazing. The car is 17-feet long, as much as 7-feet tall and more than 9-feet wide. The kit is constructed with as many as 344,187 individual Lego bricks with 17 variants of colors. With so many options for colors, Batmobile was earlier known for only monotonic shades of black and gray. It took a long time of 222 hours to design and 1,833 hours to complete the kit. The overall assembly of the kit was handled in Enfield, Connecticut.

To get along with the launch of the Lego Batmobile, Chevy too created its version of the “Real People, Not Actors” advertisement campaign which featured Lego Batman.

Those who are interested in getting a glimpse fo this car can visit the Detroit Auto Show on January 22nd.


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