Just a small mistake and the eager eyes were able to capture the needed information before the Chinese tech and mobile device company LeEco could do anything. LeEco has arranged for an event to be held on 19th October where they have planned to debut some of their products in the US market.

But accidentally it was listed in their online store yesterday and spying eyes captured some of the information like pricing details and spec before the company could pull out all that uploaded information.

LeEco Accidentally Leaks The Products Set To Launch In The US Market
LeEco Accidentally Leaks The Products Set To Launch In The US Market

However, the information that we could gather from this small time span is, LeEco will unveil two Smartphones and 4 TVs in the US market. The phones are Le Max 2 and Le S3, the later one is expected to be rebranded in future as Le 2. Le Max 2 integrates a 5.7-inch screen size and is priced at $289 after offering a discount of $60. But the second Smartphone, Le 2 is priced at $299 and will be available at $169 after a decent discount.

Coming to the TV section, four TVs were listed in the store and all of them are 4K.  Three TVs among 4 are from LeEco’s super 4line which are listed as X43, X55, and X65. The price which was mentioned for two of the TV’s were really interesting just $14.99 which is not possible at all. So, the prices were temporary.

The company has acquired California-based TV manufacturer Vizio in the last July for $2 billion but they are not using that brand name in their TV rather all the 4K TVs are coming under their brand name which also indicates that the TVs will be Android TV rather than use the in-house technology of Vizio.


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