The market of wearable devices are rising greatly and people are now more inclined to own one not only to stay in the race but also to be benefitted by the features offered by these wearable devices.While Goole announced about their Android Wear 2.0 OS during the I/O conference in May, we all became glad as this OS will be packed with so many latest features and functions.

For example, fitness apps, onscreen keyboard, play store for Android wear etc. And it was also assumed that Google will make this OS available by this year itself but sadly the launch of the OS is delayed and users need to wait till 2017 to get the real taste of Android Wear 2.0.

The Launch Of Android Wear 2.0 Is Postponed To 2017
The Launch Of Android Wear 2.0 Is Postponed To 2017

The developer preview version is available now and Google has planned to extend the time period of this preview version till 2017 before which it is not possible to launch the final version. The company has stated in a blog post that they are receiving great reviews for the developer preview version from developers and it will be continued till 2017.

As a reason for delay, it is said that this new OS is not yet fully ready and the bugs which will be spotted by developers will be sorted out first before releasing the final version. However, the developer preview version is not available in all the wearable devices rather some selected devices such as Huawei Watch and LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition will get the preview version. Both the devices run on the same processor, Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, 1200MHz.

So, if you had expect to receive the latest Android wear OS recently, then just wait for few more months and get ready to receive a complete bug-free OS equipped with interesting features.


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