Apple announced numerous features for their new OS at WWDC on Monday. There are some of the ones that stand out.

On Monday at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference, Apple announced its main features on its four main operating systems, including WatchOS, MacOS, and TvOS.

When Apple announces its and features on big screen, everything looks dazzling and amazing, but when it comes to downloading and daily usage, only some of the features prove to be truly useful. Assuming that you use both a Mac and an iPhone together, you’ll love these features.

  1. Universal Clipboard
    Apple has been struggling to provide “continuity” edge to its users, as an increased usage of Google and Microsoft accounts. This Universal Clipboard aims to allow people to use iPhone and Mac together in a concert. It lets you clip text, images, videos within your safari browser in your iPhone and paste it in your Mac document. This makes sense, because
  2. Siri in Third-Party Apps
    Apple made a strong move when it allowed Siri to integrate with third-party applications. Now you can say “Hey Siri, call me an Uber.” This is only possible because Apple has been working with several third-party apps developers to develop Siri-enabled applications, and soon all developers will be working on it.
  3. Siri for Mac
    It seems like Siri is making good progress! Siri is now five years old, and it is finally coming to Mac. While Siri was first designed to provide an easier input method to mobile users, it seems like we wanted something more. Now you can ask Siri to open certain applications, documents, images and videos on your Mac.
  4. Apple Pay on The Web
    It’s been possible to pay with Apple Pay within some apps, but now Apple has integrated its laudably secure payments platform into its Safari browser—on the desktop and on mobile. So now you’ll be looking for retailers that provide check out with Apple Pay.

The above is just a brief description of what we have learnt on WWDC this Monday. You can look for more detailed information on Apple’s website.


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