A new landline Telephone Service by Google helping consumers to stay connected from anywhere you are. It will be expanded later to other cities with high-speed internet services once introduced in the US. Few of the high-tech specifications are included in this service.

Landline Services Through Fiber Phone Launched by Google
Landline Services Through Fiber Phone Launched by Google

It is easy to connect with the mobile phones when the users are away, it delivers written messages and transcribes voicemails. The services of a home phone are still very important while mobile phones have pushed us towards the future. John Shiver Blake said in an interview “Landlines can be familiar, reliable and provide high-quality services, but the technology hasn’t always kept up”.

This option is being considered as quite useful for the landline users.

People would be able to take advantage of this service in the office, getting access to the road and wherever they are. It will be used on any tablet, phone or laptop with the Fiber Phone number lives in the Cloud. Currently, the services are only available in the four cities of US. It is likely to expand earlier in other major cities.

Like smartphones that are highly convenient, these landline services would be highly useful for many users. It will take almost one more year to be expanded in major countries of the world. The company is highly active and working effortlessly on this project to make it the best landline phone services across the globe. It will make users able to take higher advantage of these services.


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