Labeley’s Online App Lets You Create Stickers In Minutes. We usually associate colorful stickers with childhood. But even as adults we need and use stickers in many situations. We apply these sticky and colorful pieces of paper on notebooks, scrapbook albums, gifts, freezer bags, pantry containers, jars, and many other things to help us identify and embellish them. Companies often use them to bring visibility to their brands.

Labeley's Online App Lets You Create Stickers In Minutes
Labeley’s Online App Lets You Create Stickers In Minutes

Moreover, stickers have even transcended to another form. Internet stickers have become so popular that people use them for expressing their emotions in everyday communication.

The bottom line is that stickers are a big part of our lives. Therefore, Labeley has created an online label creator for designing all sorts of stickers. Everyone with a computer and an Internet access can use this free web app and generate stickers in minutes.

Labeley’s Features

  • User-friendly interface that does not require any design skills and knowledge.
  • Create and download multiple designs without providing an email address or any other personal information.
  • Big database of free pre-designed shapes, borders, background schemes, graphics and fonts.
  • Option to upload any graphic, photo or image from your computer and completely personalize your sticker.
  • Option to register a free account and store designs for future modifications.

How to use Labeley?

Even though Labeley is a comprehensive app with lots of features that allow full customization of stickers, it is actually very easy to use. First and foremost, you need to choose the shape of your design. Then you can navigate through all the other available sticker elements and pick a background, border, graphics, add text or upload image from your computer to use it in your design.

The possibilities for different designs are nearly endless. Once you’re satisfied with your creation, just click on the Save Label button. In order to download the sticker, navigate to the left side of the screen and by right-clicking on it and choosing the Save as an option you’ll have the sticker downloaded to your computer. You can then print the sticker out and apply it anywhere you like or use it for any other purpose without printing.

With a little creativity, you can create numerous stickers in minutes. Head over to Labeley and explore everything it has to offer.


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