The game freaks of the Street Fighter V have new reasons to be thrilled as the game series has launched a new character in the form of the new DLC fighter named Kolin. Kolin is all set to join the roaster in the form of the second character in the Season 2 of Street Fighter V. Kolin will be made available from the last day of the month of February.

Kolin can be considered quite an exciting and thrilling character in the game series as she uses the Russian martial arts form along with additional powers like ice-themed powers. Kolin had made her first appearance in the version of the game Street Fighter 3. Back then, she used to work behind the scenes for Gill.

Kolin - The New Character of Street Fighter V
Kolin – The New Character of Street Fighter V

Here in Street Fighter V version of the game, Kolin has come out in the center stage to fight in the open. The character of Kolin will be displayed in the form of a story that will cover how Kolin came to work for Gill. Therefore, the character of Kolin will be displayed in the form of a backstory about the life of Kolin.

New Trailer for the Street Fighter V

Capcom has revealed the new trailer for the Street Fighter V with the new character of Kolin in it along with sharing the powerful moves of her fighter powers. These powerful moves would include the V-skill and inside slash that can counter an incoming attack from the opponents which would send them flying away.

The V-Trigger of Kolin is referred to as the Diamond Dust. With the use of V-Trigger or Diamond Dust, Kolin can slam her foot into the ground that can create a series of icicles. With the use of the ice theme, Kolin’s moves will freeze the opponents in their place when Kolin would manage to land into a stun when the opponents will be under the effect of her super power Diamond Dust.

With another super power known as the Critical Art or Frost Tower, Kolin can gather the icicles that would shoot her opponents in the air as they would disappear and fall to the ground again. It could be the best form of revenge taken by Kolin against her opponents.

Character Pass Season 2

If the players have already purchased the Character Pass Season 2, you can get the new character of Kolin from February 28th, 2017 at no extra cost. Kolin will join Akuma as the only character of the DLC from Season 2 Character Pass.

Four more DLC characters will join Akuma in the year 2017. The Character Pass Season 2 will be available at 30 US dollars as Capcom promises the launch of new characters every month this year starting with the launch of Kolin’s character that would be revealed this month.

There would be an additional attraction in the Street Fighter V version of the game series along with Kolin’s introduction like 8-person Street Fighter V tournaments and various undercard matches along with a cosplay contest that will offer exciting prizes to the winners.


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