Kobo, one of the most popular E-reader company has recently unveiled their Kobo Aura One, an e-book reading device packed with tons of attractive features. Aura One is the successor of Kobo Aura One H2O but it has come with lots of improved features. The most exciting thing is the bigger display, yes the device has a big 7.8-inch display despite which it weighs really less, just 230 grams.

This device is made water-resistant similar to its predecessor but this is rated IPX8 which indicates that users can submerge the e-book reading device under 2 meters of water for long 1 hour and nothing will happen to it. So, those have a habit of reading a story or other things in the bathtub or in swimming pool, this is the perfect device for them. It has a rubberized finishing for easy handling even in water.

Kobo Aura One Review
Kobo Aura One Review

Another interesting feature is the front light system which uses the RGB bulbs along with the white light. According to a research, the blue light can lessen the production of a hormone that prevents to fall asleep soon.

Also, the light of warmer colors provide a signal to the brain that it is time to sleep so that users can go to sleep to rest their body. A software integrated inside the device allow users to select the preferred color temperature in their display from blue to red anything. You can also set a bedtime which will automatically convert the front light into warm orange at the end of the day.

Aura One is Packed With 8GB Internal Storage

Aura One is packed with 8GB internal storage and a heavy powerful battery that can last up to a month. The device is available at $229 in the US starting September 6th. So, get ready if you are really a passionate e-book reader.


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