Instagram has active users more than half a billion. People are uploading photo and video sharing app. Kevin Systrom, the CEO of Instagram said the company is now five and a half-year-old and it is the time they celebrate.

Systrom said:

500 million is a big accomplishment and it is not that every company reaches this milestone.

He said to FORBES in an interview at the headquarters of the Company at Calif Menlo Park. He was happy and proud to say, “Reaching this scale is a sign of their ambition” and if they reach a billion or more on Instagram, they can have a feeling of capturing the world’s experience.

Kevin Systrom, The CEO of Instagram Announces The Accomplishment
Kevin Systrom, The CEO of Instagram Announces The Accomplishment

Initially, Instagram was regarded to be expensive when it was bought in 2012 for $1 billion by Facebook. This was the time it just had hardly 22 million active users monthly and only 13 employees. Actually, Instagram was launched in 2010 by Systrom with a Stanford classmate, CTO Mike Krieger, as a co-founder. it was initiated as a photo-sharing app and slowly it grew into an integral social media movement that facilitates sharing the power to organizations and individuals, alike and now has over 500 million active users.

300 Million Users Using The Services To Socialize With Friends Daily

Instagram announced that there are over 300 million active users using daily the services to socialize with friends, besides also follow interests ranging from dance, fashion, cheese shops to sports such as football, surreal landscapes, latte art and abandoned urban centers. The app in the U.S. alone has over 100 million active users monthly and over 80% users are from the U.S outside areas.

Systrom said, the ease of accessing internet and mobile devices has promoted the growth of the Instagram apps and now it is known globally and so the images are received as a universal language. The app is teaming now with high profile public figures, celebrities, and millennials. With the acquisition of the Instagram app by the Facebook, the social media has leveraged the infrastructure base.