Justice Is Mind is an intellectual and psychological science fiction thriller movie that was released on 18th August 2013. The plot of the movie with science fiction, horror, and fantasy genre was written, directed and produced by Mark Lund. The Justice Is Mind is the feature film of the “Justice Is Mind: Evidence”. This too was written, directed and produced by Mark Lund in 2011.

The stars of the movie Justice Is Mind include Robin Ann Rapoport, Vernon Aldershoff, Paul Lussier and Kim Gordon. It was in 2010 when Mark Lund was doing his research for the mind reading technology which was meant for writing another project. It was then he discovered a “60 Minutes” broadcast about the topic “thought identification”. The 60-minute broadcast discussed the mind reading process through the use of MRI techniques.

Justice Is Mind - An Intellectual And Psychological Science Fiction Thriller Movie
Justice Is Mind – An Intellectual And Psychological Science Fiction Thriller Movie

As the story winds up in the movie, the viewers are always left with something to think about. The movie finds itself against an unanswerable question, an impossible dead-end and a moral dilemma with several unimaginable consequences. The director and writer of the movie Mark Lund pose a question out to the viewers that can determine the genre of the film in their perceptions. Henri Miller has been presented as the protagonist of the film who is accused of a crime of which he has no memory of committing.

The movie trails to the future era wherein machine learning can be used to read the human mind – the man various things in his head that he never knew existed. When the machine learning device gets to his head, it spots murder in his mind. However, Miller has simply no recollection of murdering anyone in his life.

So the plot of the movie throws the question at the viewers: “Who is telling the truth? Miller or the machine?”. The “Justice Is Life” by Mark Lund is a sci-fi film that offers extreme lifts in the genre from thriller to suspense to ultimate drama and horror. The core of the film is that it takes place in the courtroom where Henri Miller is seen standing against the world.

Henri’s defense attorney played by Paul Lussier and the public prosecutor played by Kim Gordon, are all set to put up one hell of a show. They keep interrogating Henri Miller and tear away all the witnesses to pieces. The character of Dr. Eve Pullman played by Carlyne Fournier is the one that takes no sides. She carries a notion of apprehension and subtleness that is worth notable. Her extensive research and great expertise in her profession reveal strong witnesses for both sides.

As the movie proceeds ahead, you might find yourself wondering what the end solution would be to a seemingly impossible problem. However, towards the end, Mark Lund has presented the viewers with an interesting possibility. As the film approaches an end, it could either make or entirely break your predisposition about the plot of the film. A must-watch film for those in love of thrill and science fiction!


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