The Facebook founder hosted his 1st Facebook Live Q&A, and there was a huge turn up to see a variety of questions for the founder. The Q&A was livened up by the surprised look of comedian Jerry Seinfeld, who was present at Facebook Headquarter.

Jerry Seinfeld Helped Mark Zuckerberg Throughout Facebook Live
Jerry Seinfeld Helped Mark Zuckerberg Throughout Facebook Live

If the net commenters made Zuckerberg nervous, the comedian Seinfeld did very little to assuage him. Once Zuckerberg enthused concerning A.I. in development, Seinfeld shrugged it off.

Isn’t it funny however we tend to work therefore exhausting to only eliminate a trifle little bit of effort? to urge the door isn’t that a lot of work however we tend to measure attending to place during a lot of labour to save lots of North American nation from walking to the door and gap it.

Zuckerberg conjointly tried to ease the conversation going on between the comedian and him by talking about his new learning as he has recently stepped into fatherhood. He spoke about his daughter, Max with whom Zuckerberg enjoys every little moment.

She likes running with me. She loves it. She thinks she’s flying,

He told Seinfeld.

Yeah, I invariably suppose children in those exercise strollers must be thinking that they are definitely late for something.

The comedian said.

It turns out Seinfeld weren’t through with Zuckerberg nevertheless. He got the school whiz to speak with him for what appears like a Seinfeld’s show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.


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