Many of us have focused on the recent Apple’s announcement regarding 9.7 iPad Pro upgrade. The major question that is boggling our minds is whether it is worth upgrading for those who’ve iPad Air 2 or not. The latest updates have shown that many of the users found it not worthy at all.

Is it worth to upgrade 9.7 iPad Pro?
Is it worth to upgrade 9.7 iPad Pro?

It is a great laptop replacement for the casual users. A number of in-depth reviews have surfaced that offer a closer look at new tablet beyond last week’s impression nearly one week later. It has powerful hardware that is required by every tech-savvy. However, the views of users are mixed as they’re unable to decide either it replaces the laptop or not. The product has been placed on the shelves of stores from March 24.

Adding keyboard and stylus are the best features. However, majority buyers are still unhappy with the whopping price of iPad Pro 9.7. Many casual laptop users may need to put some extra effort for used to of it.

But the tablet lovers are considering it a great addition to the gadgets market. All in all, we can’t say much about it as the product has been recently introduced. It is a fact that Apple has set a great example of making quality products for the users. Therefore, we aren’t expecting too many disappointments with the 9.7 iPad Pro.

The sleek design body and smooth touch would make you fall in with this great replacement of laptop.


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