When it comes to shipping out the phones, Samsung is undoubtedly the top OEM in the world. On the other hand, the major rival of the company is Apple Inc which is trying hard to introduce midrange devices through market expansion.

Is iPhone SE Targeting The Sales of Samsung’s Midrange Flagships?
Is iPhone SE Targeting The Sales of Samsung’s Midrange Flagships?

Due to fewer choices for the buyers, Apple Inc ships fewer devices annually as compared to Samsung. However, the recent arrival of iPhone SE has worked a bit for the company. Few of the buyers are quite happy with the bunch of great features included in the handset. However, many consider not any innovation in the device without 3D touch.

The price of this device is still a major point of argument among the tech-savvies.

Due to a similar design with the iPhone 5S, the fans have expressed their disappointments uses in the design of SE. However, the specs of iPhone 6 add amazing value to this midrange device. The ‘point of thinking’ for Samsung is the price of this handset which is $400 (less than of Samsung Galaxy A7). It is another fact that there isn’t any comparison between A7 and SE as Samsung’s midrange phone have a lot to offer to the buyers. The immense popularity of Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge left the manufacturers highly satisfied regarding current year’s sales of the company. All in all, the Apple’s mid-range handset is still too pricey for many gadget lovers due to lots of variety of smartphones offered by Chinese Manufacturers.


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