If you are an iPhone or iPad user, something new is waiting for you in the app store starting October 5. While companies like Google or Facebook has integrated advertising in their software, it took some time for Apple to follow the same footstep.

Apple has declared on its website that users will be confronted with ads while searching for a specific app in the app store and this will take place starting October 5. This is a part of the search ads and even though this program is in beta for few months, but finally it will be effective on iPad and iPhone.

iPhone User To Be Confronted With Ads In The App Store
iPhone User To Be Confronted With Ads In The App Store

App developers are coming out with so many apps each and every day but it is really bit difficult for them to get noticed and this step will no doubt be helpful for the developers. What the developers need to do is they should buy an ad space in the app store and while any user will search for an app, their app will be displayed in top result in case it is similar to the search app. As a result, the developer will get a chance to present their apps directly to the relevant customers who are in need of similar types of app.

However, some users might be bit concerned about the genuineness of the search ads. But no need to worry as the apps will only be displayed if they are relevant and they will be shown with a blue badge written ads on it. Irrelevant apps will not be displayed in any case irrespective of the amount paid by developers.

So, the app store will have something interesting for you starting this October 5, and who knows if the suggested relevant app becomes more helpful to you than the actual app you are searching for?


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