If you are an iPhone user, it is advised to soon update your device with iOS 9.3.5 version to stay safe against hackers. iOS 9.3.5 version contains the fix for zero-day exploits which allow hackers to hijack the device for their purpose.

The news about this exploits was reported by the researcher from Citizen Lab and the exploits were first noticed in the iPhone of Ahmed Mansoor, a UAE human right activist.

iPhone Users, Soon Update Your Devices With iOS 9.3.5 To Prevent Hijack
iPhone Users, Soon Update Your Devices With iOS 9.3.5 To Prevent Hijack

Mansoor first received a message on his iPhone from an unknown number that was accompanied with a link. But he did not click the link rather forwarded this message to the Citizen Lab researcher Bill Marczak. The researcher then revealed that it was a sophisticated malware that exploited three unknown vulnerabilities in iOS 9. However, this is not the first time that Ahmed Mansoor is attacked rather he was also targeted earlier by the government hackers using the commercial spyware tools.

This malware is very vulnerable aimed to hijack Mansoor’s iPhone and they would have been able to remotely control and monitor his device. Also, this malware would have allowed the hacker to have access to the user’s microphone, camera while they could also retrieve the stored files along with tracking the device’s actual location. According to the researcher, the tools to conduct such an attack is pretty expensive that had incurred them at least $1 million.

However, considering the previous attack on Mansoor’s iPhone, it is assumed by the researcher in Citizen Lab that UAE government is linked with this hacking attempt. Also according to detail report, this attack is not towards mass rather individual are targeted mainly.

While Apple was informed about this malware, they soon came out with the fix in iOS 9.3.5 update in 10 days, so just download the iOS 9.3.5 version and update your device to stay protected.


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