If the most expensive phone stops working and gives just a blank screen, the situation is really disappointing. iPhone stuck in recovery mode is one such very common issue that has worried the users. And especially if this happens with the brand new iPhone 7 or iPhone 8, we try our best to get rid of the situation as soon as possible.

However, this is not a big issue and every smartphone user face the issue at least once with their phone. So, if you too have an iPhone and facing the same stuck in recovery mode issue, then read this article. We have mentioned here all the possible solutions to the issue.

iPhone Stuck In Recovery Mode
iPhone Stuck In Recovery Mode


Method 1: dr.fone-Repair (iOS)

Factory reset is one of the ways to get back your normal functional phone. But, get prepared that this process will cost the data and other documents. So, we try to skip this method as much as possible and opt for other methods. The solution here is the dr.fone- Repair (iOS).

This is a very useful software that will work on every single iOS device irrespective of the models. And, you will face no data loss at all. Also, not just the stuck in recovery mode issue rather all other iPhone related issues like black screen, white Apple logo etc. are best sorted out through this software.

Here is a simple guide on how to use this software to solve the iPhone stuck in recovery issue.

  • First, download the software on your Mac or Windows machine. Launch the software and then tap on the ‘Repair‘ button.
  • Next, connect the required iOS device and wait for it to be detected by the computer. Once detected, tap on the start button.
  • Now, the iPhone should be entered into DFU mode. DFU mode is nothing but the Device firmware update mode. In order to get into this mode, tap on the power and volume down button together. Hold them for 10 seconds and then release the power button. Keep holding the volume down button until you see the device is restarted in recovery mode.
  • Once the phone enters the DFU mode, the computer will detect this automatically and you need to offer the basic details such as the iPhone model number etc. Next, tap on the download button to download the firmware update. Wait for a minute for the download to get completed.
  • Now, tap on the ‘Fix now‘ button.
  • Again wait for few seconds and you will receive a message upon completion of the entire process.

Method 2: Force Restart

Another simple way to fix the iPhone stuck in recovery mode is through force restarting. The process is very simple. Just press and hold down the Home and Power button altogether for 10 seconds. And then release the keys once Apple logo appears on the screen. This process works for the older generation of iPhone.

In case you have the iPhone 7 or newer, then you need to press and hold down the volume down and the power button for together for 10 seconds.

Method 3: Through iTunes

You can also resolve the stuck in recovery mode issue through iTunes. Here is the step by step process for that.

  • First, download iTunes from their official website. And then install it on your Mac or Windows machine.
  • Now, connect the problem iPhone with the system. It will automatically detect the device. Tap on the Restore button and that’s it.
  • Your phone will be restored and restarted.

So, these are the methods which will easily solve the stuck in recovery mode issue in your iPhone.

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