The new iPhone SE has big shoes to fill for such a small phone. Apple’s just released financial results were not really good, but they do not encompass the new release. All of the new products began shipping 5 days after Apple’s closure of its fiscal quarter. So there is no telling of how well the new iPad Pro and SE did. But if you look at the forecast and insider information you might just get what you want.

The iPhone SE is destined to sell well according to some. The tech industry has tried high and low to promote the bigger phones, not everyone likes them. Apple apparently sold 30 million of the small 4 inch phones last year according to Greg Joswiak an Apple employee. The number makes up 13 percent of total iPhones sold. This makes for good reading the SE version at $399 it has the lowest release price in iPhone history it makes a case that is surely intriguing.

iPhone SE Might Just Surprise All Of Us
iPhone SE Might Just Surprise All Of Us

The demand for the iPhone SE also showed that they made the right move with the phone. It’s been a long time since iPhones produced were less than the demand. CEO Tim Cook explained, “It is clear that there is a demand there, even much beyond what we thought, and so that is why we have the constraint we have.” In other words, they didn’t expect people to gobble up the SE phone like that.

iPhone SE is Also a Good Thing

The price of the new 4 inch iPhone SE is also a good thing. Priced at $399 or $13.30 per month (for US customers) it makes a whole lot of sense price wise. It’s a smartphone from the best makers in the business and is still cheap. This makes Apple go to people that it has not had access to before. People who have aspired to own an iPhone before but have never been fiscally able to do it.

The iPhone SE will undoubtedly not get to the heights of the pricier and much fancier iPhone generations, but the key point here is it’s going to be a big player for Apple. The iPhone is now a product line, so anything that enhances the product is welcome. It is now part of the larger story. It does not need to be a runway success, but as long as it stays strong in the business, Apple might have just struck gold with it.


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