Consumer privacy is a big concern and this has worried the smartphone and internet users for long. The U.S. Committee on Energy and Commerce had sent a letter to Apple and Google parent company Alphabet regarding this. The letter sent in July asked to clarify both the companies about their data collection policies. That is, how they collect the audio and location data. Apple has already replied to this letter which says they are not spying on the users.

Timothy Powderly, the director of Government Affairs in Apple has written a 19-page document to the US lawmaker as the response. He has clarified every small detail in that document.

iPhone Is Not Spying On The Users, Apple Clarified
iPhone Is Not Spying On The Users, Apple Clarified

About the microphone recording, Apple has stated that iPhone does not listen to the users except that Hey Siri. Powderly noted that the iPhone shows a visual alert when the microphone listens to them.

Users can actually give and revoke microphone access from the third party apps.  Also, that Siri interaction of the users is not tied to the Apple ID directly. That is tied to random user ID and Apple does not provide these ID to the third party developers.

Coming to the GPS location service, users can disable or enable this option from the Settings. Apple does not keep track of the historical location service data tied to any particular Apple ID. Also, they do not utilize this location service information for any kind of advertisement. So, users can be worry free that their conversation is entirely safe and secure.

He has also stated that they do not treat customers as a product. And a collection of customer data is not their main aim. Rather, they believe that privacy is the fundamental right of a human. And they try to minimize the customer data collection as much as possible.

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