Apple is said to file a patent application in order to prevent the smartphone or tablet theft actively. The company did come out with various apps and features like “Find My iPhone” and encryption method that help users in locating their lost device easily. The “Find My iPhone” feature apart from tracking the device location also is capable of erasing the content in the device, locking the device or else sounding an alarm. The encryption feature in other side locks the device in case an incorrect fingerprint or code is used repeatedly.

However, the patent application filed by Apple will be even more helpful to catch the thieves by capturing the biometric information of the theft such as fingerprint, audio, and video.

Upcoming iPhone To Collect Thieves' Fingerprint And Photo
Upcoming iPhone To Collect Thieves’ Fingerprint And Photo

And then all those information would be stored and sent to a server that police could use to locate the thieves easily.

The iPhone Already Have Touch ID Sensor, Microphone, And A Camera

The idea is not very complex. The iPhone already have Touch ID sensor, microphone, and a camera all of which will be switched on without the knowledge of the thief. The biometric information of the bad guy will be saved either after one failed passcode attempt or else after some pre-determined number of failed attempts. Also along with the biometric information, the location information will be provided for easily locating the thief.

This idea is very helpful but in order to have this feature the devices of Apple should be equipped with a fingerprint scanner for sure.

Devices of Apple Should be Equipped With A Fingerprint Scanner For Sure

This is not known when Apple will introduce this feature in their devices but once introduced it will definitely help preventing the act of thieves as thieves will then surely think twice before stealing any iPhone or iPad.


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