The rumor of iPhone 8 is heating and many credible sources inform that the iPhone, Apple’s flagship models of 2017 will feature an edgeless display with an OLED curved panel. A radical redesign is expected in the works and though not much is known about the next generation Smartphone of Apple’s, it is dubbed to be iPhone 8 and is anticipated hotly.

There is much hype surrounding the next-gen of Apple’s iPhone and it continues to build. In fact, we get to see more creative and compelling takes being released on the look of Apple’s next-gen iPhone’s appearance.

iPhone 8 rumors point out edgeless display
iPhone 8 rumors point out edgeless display

The iPhone 8 concept is the latest and a video was shown on the YouTube channel. The video was put as a legit Apple and they displayed why an iPhone will have an edgeless display. The interesting point is that the video the top bezels will be the dynamic areas parallel to the MacBook Pro and the TouchBar. On observing closely, a mocked version of the TouchBar is visible on the screen.

The video also offers a glance of the myriad ways of Apple and third-party apps offering much larger display. It is widely believed that this September Apple will release three iPhone models and one of them will be the Smartphone featuring OLED premium model. The iPhone is anticipated to be much stronger. The iPhone 8 is expected in a few months and there are all the chances that the sales of iPhone will soar this year and take to new heights.

If you have passed on from iPhone 7, you may patiently wait for iPhone 7s or iPhone8, whatever name the giant company, Apple decides to use. However, going with the rumors the new phone of 2017 is sure to come with a refreshed design, but will not come back with the headphone jack.


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