The looks of Apple iPhone 8 are quite stunning. It is probably the most important update in the history of iPhone, but the latest news will make the users really upset.

Yes, according to the sources, the release of iPhone 8 will be strikingly delayed due to some changes in color options and the introduction of a new feature will also be dropped.

According to a source, iPhone 8 will not be shipped at least till the first three months of 2018. The source says that the option for white color has been eliminated and the idea of Touch ID is also dropped. It also won’t be the part of the power button and its chances of being included in the screen are quite less.

iPhone 8 Leak Speaks about Apple's New Issues
iPhone 8 Leak Speaks about Apple’s New Issues

This news is alarming for all the iPhone fans especially when the alternate option would be Face ID that is face recognition technology. Apple needs to come up with something really convenient, fast and secured as much appreciated Touch ID especially when testing certain conditions like bright sunlight, low light or while someone is wearing contact lenses or sun glasses.

Analyst Amit Daryanani also agrees on the fact that depending on the increase in change in data points, the shipment of iPhone would only take place anywhere in the month of October and the volume shipments will only start in the month of November or December.

This would result in a chaos during Christmas Eve which would lead to a situation wherein 3rd party sales of the stunning iPhone 8 will happen. The price will go up to thousands of dollars. The drastic increase in the price of iPhone 8 may discourage many users from buying the phone.

Hope the biggest changes expected in iPhone live up to the expectations of the users and are similar to as they appear on paper.



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