The report is that the look of iPhone 7 is going to be identical to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, and that is only the beginning of the problem. Users are going to be depressed if it happens because all the Apple users keep looking forward to the launch of new iPhones in order to get a hold of the latest technology.

Recent leaks have exposed the pictures of the yet to release iPhone 7 and it has not pleased many. The pictures have revealed revised antenna lines and a protruding rear camera. The big bulge on the rear could be a bad news for the Apple users most of whom like keeping their phones in protective cases. It is hard to think how the users are going to react to the fact about the new iPhone having a bulky rear camera.

iPhone 7 Leak – Brings Bad News For Apple Lovers
iPhone 7 Leak – Brings Bad News For Apple Lovers

As if this were not enough! Rumour has it that the iPhone 7 has a missing headphone jack and no home button and upgraded storage options. Out of all the missing headphone seems to be a serious problem. The tech savvy have already done their study on the iPhone 7 and to them, it is just like iPhone 6 deprived of an easy way to plug in headphones.

The iPhone 7 Has Nothing Special

The iPhone 7 has nothing special selling feature added to it like the 3D touch in the iPhone 6.  And the information that you will require a headphone adapter and will no longer be able to listen to music while your phone is in a charge is even more depressing. If at all Apple is planning to do this, then it better wrap around this bad news with a killer replacement feature like an exciting wireless charger or something to cheer the people up.


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