Apple has still not launched their 2016 flagship iPhone 7; it has around three months to go for that but the case makers are not ready to wait, and they have already started manufacturing cases for iPhone 7 and 7S based on the rumored specification they received so far. And the images of the case reveals that it matches all the rumored specification, in other words, the case is the accurate representation of what the next generation device will look like.

iPhone 7 Case
iPhone 7 Case

iPhone 7 Case Fits Very Well to iPhone 6S

The revealed iPhone 7 case fits very well to iPhone 6S except for the camera cut out and the headphone jack. As per the case, the size and thickness of iPhone 7 are completely identical to iPhone 6S without some minor changes in the antenna band. The volume button, power button, and mute switch, of iPhone 6S, sits perfectly in the iPhone 7 case. But the camera of iPhone 6S does not fit into the case which has a wider, lower and tapered camera cutout. As per the rumored specification, iPhone 7 will have a larger camera which will accommodate improved sensor.

The case have two cutouts at the bottom for two speakers, but no such space is there for headphone jack as Apple will presumably remove the headphone jack but whether it will fill out space with the second speaker or not is not confirmed yet. iPhone 7 might sport a single speaker while according to some rumor it will have a dual speaker for the stereo audio. This upcoming flagship will be water resistance that will have an A10 processor inside to deliver high-speed performance.

So, even though the case gives an idea of how the iPhone 7 will look like, but you need to wait still for few months to have a direct glance on the device.


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