Apple is a company that is known for producing some of the best displays, their retina display is something that revolutionized the world and showed how to create a crisp looking display. This year they again proved that pixels are not everything with the new iPad Pro. The iPad Air and the iPad Pro are two devices that showcase the same displays except for a few features.

Two new features that can be seen in the iPad Pro’s screen are True Tone and Night Shift, these are two things that make the iPad Pro display a lot better and beautiful.

iPad Pro Shows That Pixels Are Not Everything
iPad Pro Shows That Pixels Are Not Everything

There is more to the iPad Pro other than the beautiful display, it is also the only tablet out there that supports two color gamuts rather than just one. It is a technology that is used in 4K TV’s  and Apple is the only company that uses this technology in its tablets.

According to the company’s representatives, such a display will be helpful and useful for the amount of 4K content that is becoming available so rapidly.

Apple has always managed to develop some of the cleanest and greatest displays for its devices and so far they have done the best job. The iPad Pro is the tablet to go for especially if you are looking for a really great and crisp display for your device, it is snappy and simply looks really beautiful. It is a joy to use and that’s why it such a great tablet.


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