Kindle is known for producing some of the best devices for readers. The devices are incredibly convenient and allow the users to carry loads of books without the weight. Reading from kindle doesn’t even seem like reading from the screen; the light from the screen is soft for the eyes and the sensation is similar to books. However, the only thing that Kindle lacked was its lack of adaptability. Kindle has its own format which is quite inflexible. But a new update to the iOS Kindle app changes that.

Users of Amazon’s iOS Kindle app are now allowed to share their documents to their kindle devices. They can share any web page, content viewed on Safari or any kind of document in their phone to the kindle device for reading later.

New iOS Kindle App Update Allows Users to View Any Document on Kindle Devices
New iOS Kindle App Update Allows Users to View Any Document on Kindle Devices

Previously, Kindle devices were not compatible with other documents since it could not be turned into the Kindle format. The new feature of the iOS kindle app, which is available on iPad and iPhone, allows users to convert sites and files to Kindle format after they are sent from Safari. This means users can change the font size of the text on their Kindle, change the page color and enjoy all the other options available. This will certainly improve their reading experience.

Another interesting feature is added through the update; it has brought ComiXology’s Guided View feature to iOS. ComiXology’s Guided View allows users to read comics in a naturalistic way. These comics hop from panel to panel just like our eyes do while reading real comic books.

This will give a more fun and real comic reading experience to Apple users. These features are not that groundbreaking but have been anticipated for long and much needed. ComiXology’s Guided View has been available on Kindle since 2014 but it came out on phones after the recent iOS app update.


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