iOS 10 Recalls Where You Parked Your Vehicle With Parked Car
iOS 10 Recalls Where You Parked Your Vehicle With Parked Car

iOS 10 will now recall the position of your car park. Although there are many third-party apps such as Automatic and others which offer such solutions since Apple Maps and iOS 10, have come up with a solution for this it will ease this problem of forgetting the place where you last parked your car without downloading any third-party solutions. The fantastic Parked Car feature in the iOS 10 alerts you while leaving the vehicle and marks its location in the Maps.

The lock screen alert appears automatically once you disconnect yourself from the CarPlay while using iOS 10 beta-1 on the iPhone SE. If the iPhone is based on the auto Bluetooth system, the iOS will self-detect while entering and exiting the car.

Once you slide open the alert it reveals a Parked Car section on the Maps. You can easily get the directions back to the spot where you parked the vehicle. If all the location is inaccurate, you can even edit it or add context to the location which is saved. You can even click a quick picture of where you parked the vehicle or a write text note and add it to the saved location in the Maps.

Parked Car Feature
Parked Car Feature

The Parked Car Feature of iOS 10 is Consistent and Reliable

It can be said that the Parked Car feature of iOS 10 is not very useful while you are at home, but it is definitely convenient while venturing in crowded shopping and tourist places you are not well familiar with. Just drop a pin in the Maps in the location you leave your car, and you don’t have to worry about finding your way back to your vehicle.

The Parked Car feature of iOS 10 is consistent and reliable and with this feature you can forget about the trouble of losing the location of your car every time you park it.


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