According to the reports of two third-party firms who track the updates there more than half of the iPhone’s of Unites States have been upgraded to and running on iOS 10. iOS was launched in U.S on September 13, 2016, it has hardly been two weeks since the launch and the crowd in U.S seemed to have upgraded their devices.

According to the third-party tracking firms AppLovin and Mixpanel, data showed that iOS 10 was running on 55 percent iPhones in U.S. Worldwide this number was 48 percent.

iOS 10: More Than 50 Percent Of iPhones In U.S Are Already Running On It
iOS 10: More Than 50 Percent Of iPhones In U.S Are Already Running On It

The adoption percentage was 14 percent within 24 hours of the release of iOS 10 according to Mixpanel. In a week’s time, the growth was moderate whereas the rate of uptake after two weeks has crossed 55 percent.

Since Apple users are famed to absorb new releases soon, this news doesn’t come as a shock. The data revealed is unquestionably an admirable statistics, especially if matched with the absorption of updates in Android devices.

As per Google’s numbers of September 7, 2016, Marshmallow which was released last year is functional on less than 19 percent devices, around 35 percent of Androids are running on Lollipop, KitKat users count to 28 percent, 15 percent devices are lagging behind with Jelly Bean while 3 percent users are still in the primeval versions.

There was hardly anyone who had upgraded to Nougat which is the latest software release from Google. Looks like Apple users are more open to upgrades compared to the Android users.

Although iOS 10 has shown fairly good intake rates when iOS 9 was launched last year it had crossed the 50 percent mark within four days.

You can update to iOS 10 from Software Update function from the iOS ‘Settings‘ app.


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