When all tech giants started acquiring start-up in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Intel too is not away as they have recently announced of acquiring a start-up Nervana, however, the amount to be paid to the company is not disclosed yet. It was just in the last week when another tech giant Apple declared their acquisition of Turi in the same field.

Nervana system is a 48 employee company that specializes in semiconductors, software and services and Intel’s aim is to take advantage of deep learning technology through this start up company.

Intel Acquires Nervana To Strengthen Their Field Of Deep Learning
Intel Acquires Nervana To Strengthen Their Field Of Deep Learning

All the technology companies are so hurriedly purchasing start up in the AI field that it counts to total 31 since 2011 by the large size companies like Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Salesforce.com etc. This acquisition is linked with fast widening applications of AI that aims to make the computers act like human brains. This technology became popular first in 1980 but after that, it was fizzled and now again the interest is alive in Artificial intelligence, better saying in deep learning.

Rather than just recognizing a human face deep learning is deployed in order to teach computers to perform a specific task by analyzing a vast trove of faces and images. One of the popular examples of using deep learning is seen in Apple Siri that analyzes the speech command and then responds accordingly. Other application includes studying the crop growth, analyzing medical images, detecting credit card fraud, enabling drones and more.

Nervana system, the start-up acquired by Intel stated of exploiting GPUs but they also promised to deliver a chip by next year which will quicken the deep learning tasks. According to the chief executive of the start-up, Naveen Rao, Intel has a various unique set of manufacturing and technical expertise to proliferate their technology which has been not possible without Intel.


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