Intel prefers the summer and fall time frame to release their core processor family and this time frame is been maintained by them for almost half a decade. So, according to that rule, it’s time to have another core processor from this company.

And thankfully this has turned to be true as well because Intel has very recently confirmed that they are all set to unveil their 8th generation core processor this coming August 21st. So, if you happen to be a tech geek and love to enjoy the release of any new product, keep yourself free on that day.

Intel Is All Set To Unveil Their 8th Generation Core Processor On 21st August
Intel Is All Set To Unveil Their 8th Generation Core Processor On 21st August

It is assumed that Intel will release the Coffee Lake Processor which is the evolution of SkyLake and Kaby Lake Processor. However, it is not confirmed if they will lead with the mobile or desktop. Anyways if the past trend is to be followed by them, then they will lead with the mobile.

We have managed to know very less about this Coffee Lake Processor, however, some of the gathered facts are here:

  • The Coffee Lake Processor will make use of the same 14nm technology which is been used by its predecessor as well.
  • It will require the users to have a new motherboard.
  • Also, this 8th generation core processor will be around 30 percent faster than the Kaby Lake Processor in some of the application.

Those interested to watch the announcement of Intel’s Coffee Lake Processor can see it on Intel’s Facebook page while it will also be available in the internal Newsroom at 11.00am, Eastern timing is 8.00 am.

The senior Vice president of Client Computing Group, Gregory Bryant will discuss all the details and performance of the chip. So, keep that timing free to know all the details of Coffee Lake Processor on that day itself.


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