Google continues to improve and they have rolled out a new feature for the Android supported device is which would allow them to connect to the Internet even when their connection gets lost. The feature is called Instant Tethering, and it would help the users to make use of their Android devices as mobile hotspots.

Andreas Proschofsky, an Austrian journalist wrote on his Google+ account that when the Instant Tethering feature was switched on then the Android users who didn’t have Internet connections would be able to go online if they can share the data of other smartphones and tablets. The device that goes online and the one will be sharing the connection should then be linked to the same Google account. The connection can also be facilitated through the Bluetooth services.

New Instant Tethering feature by Google allows devices to connect to the Internet without a connection hassles
New Instant Tethering feature by Google allows devices to connect to the Internet without a connection hassles

Using the feature is easy once it has been done and the initial set up is also completed. After that, there is no need for any more connection setups after it has already been done. From then on, a prompt will appear on the Android device which has no connection so that the user can connect to a hotspot which would be created by one of the linked Android devices. The prompt also gives a warning to the device being used as the mobile hotspot that it will use more cellular data, lose more battery power, and will also disconnect from any of the Wifi cellular networks that they might be connected to at that time.

Instant Tethering seems like a nifty tool that will be useful to Android users with various Android devices, but at the same time, only one or two of them would be able to get Internet access at a time. The feature is currently being rolled out in a limited manner and it is believed that it will come out first for the Pixel and Nexus devices which have the Android Nougat 7.1.1 version running on them. The Pixel C and the Nexus 9 will also have the feature on them but are assumed that they will be limited to some clients which would be able to connect to the mobile hotspots which are offered by the other various devices which will feature Instant Tethering. The Pixel C and the Nexus 9 are also said to not be able to provide hotspots for other devices but rather will just be used to connect to hotspots created under the new feature.

Users of non-Pixel and Nexus devices are encouraged to continue checking the Google Play Services page for any updates on when the feature will be rolled out.


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