Zuckerberg’s social network’s fast loading articles have been around for some time now and are slowly making way to the social media firm’s separate communication app as well. Earlier the links which were shared in the Facebook Messenger loaded up in the mobile browser on being clicked. Now those items will perform 10 times quicker on the messenger itself and the reading experience will be same as the main Facebook App.

Instant Articles
Article Reading Made Easier and Faster on Facebook Messenger

The Instant Articles have been launched for the publishers all over the world. It is clear that the articles are being read by a larger number of people on the social media platform, indeed Facebook provides a better reading experience. People respond faster to the articles and there is a better involvement that the articles are getting from the millions of people across the world as they like, comment and share them.

Instant Articles Launched for The Publishers All Over The World

The Excitement of bringing the idea of Instant Article on the Messenger App of Facebook can, therefore, be understood. The Instant Articles have been launched for the Android devices, to begin with, and will later be launched for the Apple phones as well. How this works, is when you tap on the Instant Article link in Facebook it will load up pretty much faster than on the mobile web, in order to give the same awesome reading experience to the users in the messenger, the Instant Article was launched. A lightning bolt icon will appear in the right-hand corner on few of the links shared on the Messenger. This indicates that the shared link is an Instant Article.

There are more than 900 million users of Facebook from around the world who communicate and interact with family, friends or colleagues on Messenger, sharing entertaining information and website content and articles. Before the Instant Article, the links shared on Messenger used to take ages to open in the mobile web especially if you are in an area of low connectivity, it used to be an awfully slow experience. Not anymore, though! The publishers can reach out to their audience with their touching stories through the Facebook app as well as the Messenger with the same reading experience through Instant Articles.


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