Google is trying continuously to offer the best user experience and the Instant Apps is a great indication of that. Instant Apps is definitely the best decision by the company that allows users to test an app before installing this on their Android device.

These Instant Apps were available in numerous places and Android users are enjoying it greatly. But, unfortunately, this was not present in the Play Store and Google has finally made it available there.

Instant Apps Arrive The Play Store That Let Users Test Drive An App Before Installing
Instant Apps Arrive The Play Store That Let Users Test Drive An App Before Installing

The Play Store has received numerous tweaks recently while the instant apps is definitely a noticeable one. Users will now notice a new ‘Try It now‘ button on the play store tapping on which they can test drive an app. The users then can decide if this app is useful or not and can go for installing it on their Android device. However, not all the apps in the Play Store are Instant Apps ready, only a few are labeled as Instant Apps ready. The number will grow eventually in the near future.

Apart from this, many other small changes are noticed in the Play Store and those are as follows:

  • Revamped games area, the games area now comes with trailer and you will also find out sections for new and Premium paid games.
  • The Redone Editor’s choice area is up now and is running in almost 17 countries.
  • Google now also plans to cut off the subscription apps by half. The subscription was 30% earlier while it will be made now 15%, however, you need to stay on the service for more than a year to avail this great opportunity. This big discount will take some time, however, to come to effect and you need to wait until January 2018 for that.
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