Video editing and uploading have opened up a new era using Instagram. Instagram transforms videos to cinematic work for fifteen seconds. Social media companies have made videos increasingly important. Recently Instagram has announced that users can now post lengthy videos of sixty seconds. Increasing the video length of the advertisement means the company wants more people to post and watch their videos.

60 Sec’s Of Creativity By Instagram
60 Sec’s Of Creativity By Instagram

Anyone can create advertisements on Instagram easily using the ad creation and Power Editor Functions or using the ads API. Instagram has also added the count of views for each video recently just like its parent company, Facebook. With longer format, the company is trying to attract the different marketing brand to make more videos and to compete with other premium advertisement networks like YouTube and Snap Chat.

The advertisement has the power to motivate and inspire people and in the technological era videos on Instagram for the different brand name is very significant. The retailers have seen a massive rise in their revenue. The longer video format with multi-clip video will be available for iOS version 7.19 and above from the Apple App Store. So people will end up watching more than forty percent of videos with different stories which creates greater audience strength.

Longer videos mean different marketing companies need to spend more time in a convincing specific group of consumers. The cost of shooting the videos also turns up so evaluating the performance is very critical and important for driving the revenue. Marquee a premium based format is launched by Instagram that allows brand runs an advertisement for a shorter time but the cost has not yet been decided by the company.


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