The online harassment became a big issue these days and it important for every social network to pursue some anti-harassment measures for the sake of their user’s safety. Even though the story of harassment is not much heard in Instagram but this is the network to take a safety measure to stop any kind of harassment of their users online.

The photo sharing platform is said to work on various anti-harassment tools while some of them will be soon rolled out.

Instagram to roll out new tools to prevent online harassment
Instagram to roll out new tools to prevent online harassment

According to a report by Washington post, Instagram is coming up with a tool to let users filter their comment stream or just then can turn off the comment entirely, whichever is felt safe by them. The users are empowered to build their own banned words list which will prevent any kind of comment with that banned words from being posted on their wall. The tool will be proved as very helpful once this comes into effect. The announcement of such tools comes a month after Instagram rolled out a comment moderation option in the business page.

Online Harassment Tools Will Most Probably Be Rolled Out By The Next Week

As of now, the tool is in the testing phase and Instagram is testing this feature with the big celebrities account. The feature will most probably be rolled out by the next week and people with the high volume Instagram account will be in the first list to receive this anti-harassment feature on their Instagram account. While the custom banned words list looks interesting the other option to entirely disable the comment section is still not confirmed.

With all these, it would be really helpful if all other social networking sites like Twitter can come up with such ideas to stop the harassment online.


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