We must say that emojis are the much better way to express our saying. They can convey a message stronger than the words or sentences. In another word, our messages are never ever completed without the right emojis.

And how it feels when you see the right emojis just in front of you.

Instagram Helps In Quicker Comment Through Personalized Emoji Shortcuts
Instagram Helps In Quicker Comment Through Personalized Emoji Shortcuts

Instagram has made things much quicker by adding the personalized emoji shortcut feature. Now, users can leave a comment the speediest way for this. They even do not have to reach to the keyboard for finding out the right emoji. All the most used emojis will be available just before the keyboard.

But, it is important to note that this feature is only available while leaving a comment. So, when you are adding a text to the videos, stories, post or for sending messages, the emoji shortcut will not be there.

Again, as this available emojis is the collection of user’s favorite emojis, so the list will differ for every user. For example, the list of emoji available in the shortcuts of your friends will be entirely different than yours.

This emoji shortcut is available for both the Android and iOS users. But, you need to get the latest version of Instagram to enjoy the recent feature. The company was testing this new feature since last May and finally, they have now rolled it out.

However, this is not the one and only changes in the latest version of Instagram. Rather Facebook has added many more features as well to keep this photo-sharing app highly interesting. Users can now add some superzoom effect to the Instagram stories.

The new sets are paparazzi camera flashes, a big red X, fire with rock music in the background, surprise effect with an evil audio, a TV programme effect and more.

So, just get the Instagram updated on your phone and enjoy the new features.

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