Instagram’s Live Stories is in the market now! Just like Facebook’s Live Feature, Instagram has also launched their live feature to its users. All Instagram apps have been updated globally and Live Instagram Stories Video Feature is here! The app version 10.0 and above, just in case you don’t have the updated app, Go to the App Store or Google Play Store for this.

On the interface on Instagram, Simply Swipe Right from the main Newsfeed and Choose Start Live Video from the camera. After you have done broadcasting, the live story will be available for your followers to see. Since Instagram is a Facebook owned company, this feature was long due!

Instagram’s Live Stories is in market now!
Instagram’s Live Stories is in market now!

The Instagram deletes off the videos after it has been ended but we are sure we will get some way out to save the video. On its blog, Instagram shared the big news about a live streaming feature that will be available for the users worldwide over next week. Talking about today, it is only available for US users only.

A few months ago. Instagram stories were launched globally too. Most of the users didn’t like the idea as this feature was solely by SnapChat. Instagram did copy the whole idea of SnapChat and browsing through other people’s story. Let’s see if the new feature can excite the Instagram users! Apart from it, In order to help the users and avoid confusion, Instagram Stories focus more on labeled and obvious buttons.

There aren’t any offers information or swipes. The Stories are self-explanatory in the sense that they tell you what you are looking and what should be your next step. SnapChat has lost this ground as well.Instagram has introduced the ‘Send Message’ button, which guides the users. SnapChat, instead, has the swipe up feature on the photo to send the reply instantly.


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